Completed Evaluation Form
Event Date:Saturday, 21 May 2022
Event Type:Wedding
Venue:The Dorothy Clive Garden - Market Drayton, Shropshire
Submitted On:Sunday, 22 May 2022

OSE Equipment Hire Evaluation Form
Evaluation Form
Initial contact from OSE?
Booking & confirmation process?
Contact with client & venue before event?
What equipment did you hire from OSE?Candy cart
Dance floor (Black/White checkerboard)
Dance floor (Light oak)
4ft LED L-O-V-E letters
Was the hired equipment delivered & set up on time (as agreed) & ready for your event?
If you answered 'No', did OSE explain why they were delayed setting up and were you satisfied with their explanation
Was the equipment you hired in good condition and cleaned prior to your event?
If you answered 'No', please tell us what was wrong with the equipmet
When your equipment was delivered & collected, were the OSE staff polite & professional to you and your guests
If you answered 'No', please explain what was bad about the OSE staff's behaviour
Do you think the equipment provided was good value for money and was suitable for your event?
If you answered 'No', please explain why you feel the equipment was not suitable for your event
Overall, how satisfied were you with the equipment & service provided by OSE?
Suggestions for improvement?
Additional comments?
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