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Paez, FitoDar es dar
Paez, FitoDesarma y sangra
Paez, FitoDos en la ciudad
Paez, FitoEl Cuarto De Al Lado
Paez, FitoEl diablo de tu corazon
Paez, FitoEnloquecer
Paez, FitoEs solo una cuestion de actitud
Paez, FitoEso Que Llevas Ahi
Paez, FitoHay algo en el mundo
Paez, FitoLa vida moderna
Paez, FitoLleva
Paez, FitoNuevo
Paez, FitoPolaroid de locura ordinaria
Paez, FitoRomance de la pena negra
Paez, FitoTe Aliviara
Paez, FitoVolver a mi
Paez, Fito Con PerezaLa Rueda Magica
PaffendorfBe Cool
PaffendorfCrazy Sexy Marvellous
PaffendorfWhere Are You
Pagano, JohnLet's Get To It
Pagano, JohnThe Best I Ever Was
Pagano, LindsayEverything U R
Page and PlantFriends
Page and PlantSince I've Been Loving You
Page, JimmyPrison Blues
Page, JimmyThe Only One
Page, Jimmy & Robert PlantGallows Pole
Page, Jimmy & Robert PlantMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Page, Jimmy & Robert PlantNobody's Fault But Mine
Page, Jimmy & Robert PlantShining In The Light
Page, Jimmy & Robert PlantSons of Freedom
Page, Jimmy & Robert PlantThank You
Page, Jimmy & The Black CrowesHey Hey What Can I Do
Page, Jimmy & The Black CrowesTen Years Gone
Page, Jimmy & The Black CrowesWhat Is And What Should Never Be
Page, MartinIn The House Of Stone And Light
Page, MartinKeeper Of The Flame
Page, MartinLight In Your Heart
Page, MorganStrange Condition
Page, PattiHow Much Is The Doggie In The Window
Page, PattiMockingbird Hill
Page, RichardThe Best Thing
Page, StevenA New Shore
Page, StevenIndecision
Page, TiffanyOn Your Head
Page, TiffanyWalk Away Slow
Page, TiffanyYou Won't
Page, TommyA Shoulder To Cry On
Page, TommyA Zillion Kisses
Page, TommyI'll Be Your Everything
Page, TommyTurn On The Radio
Page, TommyWhen I Dream Of You
Page, TommyWhenever You Close Your Eyes
Page, TommyYou Make Christmas Feel Like Heaven
Page/PlantFour Sticks
Page/Robert Plant, JimmyMost High
Page/Robert Plant, JimmyWhen The World Was Young
Pagny, FlorentC'est Comme Ca
Paige, AllisonThe End Of The World
Paige, AllisonWhere My Heart Lets Go
Paige, Elaine & Sinead O'ConnorIt's Only Life
Paige, JenniferAlways You
Paige, JenniferBeautiful
Paige, JenniferCrush
Paige, JenniferSober
Paige, JenniferStranded
Paige, JenniferThese Days
Paige, KevinAnything I Want
Paige, KevinDon't Shut Me Out
PainOn And On
Painkiller HotelHow Was I Supposed To Know
Pains Of Being Pure At HeartWhen I Dance With You
Painted HeartTainted Love
Paisley, BradAlcohol
Paisley, BradAmerican Saturday Night
Paisley, BradAnything Like Me
Paisley, BradBeat This Summer
Paisley, BradBorn On Christmas Day
Paisley, BradCamouflage
Paisley, BradCelebrity
Paisley, BradCountry Nation
Paisley, BradCrushin' It
Paisley, BradHe Didn't Have To Be
Paisley, BradHeaven South
Paisley, BradI Can't Change The World
Paisley, BradI Wish You'd Stay
Paisley, BradI'll Be Home For Christmas
Paisley, BradI'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishin' Song)
Paisley, BradI'm Still A Guy
Paisley, BradIn Times Like These
Paisley, BradLast Time For Everything
Paisley, BradLetter To Me
Paisley, BradLittle Moments
Paisley, BradMe Neither
Paisley, BradMud On The Tires
Paisley, BradOnline
Paisley, BradPerfect Storm
Paisley, BradRiver Bank
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